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  • suresh.emails
    01-18 01:19 PM
    In Singapore, the ministry of manpower (MOM) issues a credit card size Employment Pass (EP) card/Work permit. This card enables every one NOT to carry passport at all times.

    For citizen/permanent residents in Singapore, the government issues pink and blue cards called SING PASS. Which enables them to prove their identity.

    We need some kind of cards in USA too, which show our identity and work status. Why don't we make this part of IV agenda. This would enables us to have some peace of mind.

    We know, we cannot carry passport at all times (work, outing, groceries etc).

    We must do some thing with this too.

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  • alisa
    01-20 02:15 AM
    You guys (from India) are in a really really terrible situation.

    First column shows the year. Second one estimates applicants for GC from India. Third (Years to Clear) one divides backlog by 10000 to estimate the number of years needed too clear that backlog, assuming 10000 visa numbers released per year. Fourth (Year cleared) adds that number to the Year column to give the year you can get your GC. Finally, assuming that AC21 added a year's worth of supply of visa numbers, a year is taken out from the final estimate.

    Also dependents are not included in the calculations. Send them back.

    Here is how I estimated backlogs. Backlogs for 2001 and 2002 are taken from jungalee43 posting.

    For years 2003 and forward,
    a) 65000 applicants for H-1 assumed
    b) 40 percent of these assumed to be Indians (26000)
    c) 75 % of these 26000 assumed to have applied for and made it past the I-140 stage, i.e. 19500 added annually since 2003.
    d) Each year, 10000 visa numbers allotted to Indians. (Assumption: Indians don't have any dependents. If you want to include dependents, 2001 backlog clears in 2023, and 2006 backlog clears in 2055)

    Here are the results.

    Year Backlog YTC YC AC21
    2001 123194 12.3194 2012 2011
    2002 160274 16.0274 2016 2015
    2003 169774 16.9774 2016 2015
    2004 179274 17.9274 2020 2019
    2005 188774 18.8774 2020 2019
    2006 198274 19.8274 2024 2023
    2007 207774 20.7774 2024 2023
    2008 217274 21.7274 2028 2027
    2009 226774 22.6774 2028 2027
    2010 236274 23.6274 2032 2031

    Feel free to improve on this.

    I had posted this statistics last year on IV. I had done good research to arrive at these figures. I hope the figures will open eyes of people who are bestowed with 'blissful ignorance'.

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  • gk_2000
    08-10 01:48 PM
    I feel frustrated at some peoples' unwillingness to admit that EB3 needs IV's help now more than ever. They are saying that nothing much can be done for EB3, as INS merely corrected its wrong interpretation in visa allocation

    But, if we are all willing to put our hearts and minds to it we can surely come up with new ideas that will help our cause. Surely, laws are written so that justice can happen. So if justice is not happening, the law would have some answer, somewhere.

    Let me put forward my idea.

    The INA language says that until EB2 is not current, there will be no spillover to EB3. Agreed. But I would contend that this statement is on a year to year basis. That is, if in the year 2002 (for example) all EB2 has been satisfied, then the spillovers should go to year 2002 EB3.

    Is this something IV can point out and fight for? Can EB3 members put their money and efforts in this direction? Let me know if this sounds worthwhile

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  • conundrum
    10-31 05:59 PM
    Received letter from USCIS regarding the FOIA.


    The request has been placed in the complex track!


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  • reachinus
    02-07 09:01 AM
    I can donate 16000 US Airways miles from 2 accounts. Please let me know the process.

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  • gc28262
    06-11 08:49 AM
    I know at least one person ( US citizen) who decided to be on unemployment benefits rather than working even though he can find at least 2 jobs. He says it is better to be on unemployment benefit rather than working for the same amount of money.


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  • sneha.shah
    04-24 01:31 PM

    I am currently on L1B visa since Mar09, another employer is offering for my h1b visa. I have below queries for l1 to h1 conversion process :

    1) How much time I can stay on H1 if I apply H1b now ? My total stay in US on L1 is 1 year 7 months, not a continuous one !!!
    2) What are the good options/approach to file for H1 considering the fact that I want work with current employer on L1B for current project ?
    3) Can I apply for H1 now and later do COS any time after October ?If yes, what is the max time before I need to do COS after H1 approval ?
    4) How about if my current project completes before oct 1st and I have already applied for h1 ?

    Kindly help me for above questions, would appreciate your help.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • roseball
    08-11 10:09 AM
    2010, all those who filed 485 by 2006 will be cleared up and will be given GC, 2010 end there will be another wave of 485 filers who will continue as cash cows for next 5 years for EAD and AP, 2007 july filers will be cleared up by 2012. Do not ask the source of information it is more of stock market and weather forecast were in stocks falls and gains every 5th year and 6th of June is the first day of monsoon in mumbai....:D

    No point in giving stess to your grey cells, all are predictive cycle &, process

    EAD and AP renewals are no more cash cows for USCIS. Under the new fee structure, whoever files I-485 is eligible for free EAD and AP renewals.


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  • malaGCPahije
    03-17 10:53 AM
    Nov 2004. EB3 - I

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  • immi2006
    06-12 02:46 PM
    i think most of us make excelletn candidates to become Senators :-) if not at least a good immigration lawyer..


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  • bmoni
    04-09 06:43 PM
    Thanks Papu !!!! thats great....

    Visa Bulletin for May 2010 (

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  • zigma
    12-27 10:21 PM
    The requirement for citizenship or GC is because of the Patriot Act. The banks have had to adopt some of the regulations as part of their process. If the person is neither a citizen or PR then the government reuqires other information to ensure security (not very foolproof as most of the people in the mortgage industry are citizens and do not have much knowledge of the difference between a permanent resident alien and a resident alien. You would be surprised to learn of the kind of rules I ran across in a major bank while architecting the application entry part of the mortgage fulfillment system.

    Just to shed some light on the mortgage scenario -

    Bank of America approved me for a mortgage yesterday - the rep specifically asked for the Citizen/Perm resident question, I told him that I have a valid work visa - he asked what kind - I said H1B. He looked up my credit histoiry and approved me right there. At the end of our 30 minutes long conversation, I asked him to confirm that H1B is not an issue - he confirmed that it wasn't - as long as I have sufficient funds in my acccount, a good cash flow, and a "very good" credit history.

    The subprime mortgage industry is on the brink of collapse - due to all those foreclosures. These institutions have had a pretty relaxed lending schemes - especially for the intereset only and no-down payment ARMs.


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  • alex99
    04-09 08:16 AM
    Please Participate in this...

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  • nojoke
    09-18 10:54 PM
    Reading the posts about the economy has just shown me how ignorant many of the IV members are.

    The economy is just going through it's ~10-year cycle. While it is a concern, it is NOT the end of the world. It just strenghtens USA's position in the world. Once again, it has proved that "if USA sneezes, the world catches the cold". The 10-years economic cycle follows a kind of Darwin's Law of the Fittest. The firms that are bubbled up get washed away, the economy cleans up and rebounds back. The 1990s saw it, the year ~2001 saw it with the burst and ~2009-2010 is seeing it with the mortgage burst.

    While it is each one's perogative as to what you want to invest into (good time to buy stocks, or buy gold), another thing to understand is FDIC does NOT insure just 100K per account in each bank. There are multiple ways to increase this insurance to over $2 million in the same bank by opening different type of accounts or having different beneficiaries. Consult your bank for details.

    No amount of govt. intervention can change the economy. It has it's own mind and will take it's own course.

    There is no need to panic, pack and run.

    Let the economy go through it's colon flush.

    Everybody understands that we get this ups and down. The cycles once in a while gets bad. Very bad. We had great depression. This could be a great depression for the financial market. Lehman, which has survived 150 years and many economic cycles closed 2 days ago. So did Bear strerns fold. The dotcom bubble is what - 100 billion max? 200 billion? Here we are talking about trillion dollars.

    FDIC has only 50 billion. It can cover a big bank like washington mutual. Can it take another big bank? Wachovia?
    This time it is not going to strengthen US position. China is talking about creating a separate world currency and they are not happy with US currency. If china dumps, dollars, a lot of countries will follow.

    This is just financial institues. It will have ripple effect on rest of the economy.

    FDIC doesn't protect more than 100K if you open different accounts in the same bank. However joint accounts and beneficiary can get you protected for 200K.


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  • chapper
    07-24 10:45 AM
    To the best of my knowledge - she will be in status as long as her H4 application is pending or even AOS pending and also her post OPT is 60 days as mentioned earlier..

    My wife's H4 is pending. I applied AOS for both of US. Her OPT expired on 7/11. How long can she be in status until she gets H4?pls advise me!!!!!!!!!

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  • rayoflight
    08-10 01:58 PM

    I think you do have a point. Let me do some research and contact some attorneys as well on this. Will also check with the IV leadership on their thoughts on this point.



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  • qesehmk
    02-12 12:27 PM

    lets put the "you said .. I said" aside and just evaluate the definition of "assigned" and "used" visa numbers.

    - correct me if I am wrong but I think Ron implies - "some numbers are assigned but then not used. These numbers still show up as used in the data report (since they were assigned)".

    We have established that there is no document to support this but can we find out if this assumption can be true?

    One can only infer based some facts and some assumptions.
    Fact - Fallen new 485 demand (28% or more)
    Fact - Law requires quarterly spillover.
    Fact (?) - DoS allocated 30% of visas in Q1 (is it a fact?)
    Fact - Dates did not move significantly

    So all of these things fit together well only if one of the following is true
    a) USCIS is utlizing the allocated visas.
    b) EB3 to EB2 conversion is substantial enough to not warrant any movement in dates.

    Regarding Ron's claim of 13K wasted in 2009. That is where I said I have a hard time accepting that. Because in 2009 EB did not receive any spillover from FB (to my best knowledge) and in 2009 EB did consumer 140K visas.

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  • wizpal
    01-25 11:33 AM

    hairstyles iPhone Wallpaper John Cena wallpapers john cena. WWE Superstars PSP Wallpaper
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  • trump_gc
    12-28 03:16 PM
    Please excuse my ignorance,,but what is 529

    08-27 11:16 AM
    Anybody has numbers for No. of EB Visas processed for June ad July 08. Till May 08 total 113475 has been processed. So, total remaining would be 50000.
    Aug. 08 somewehere 6000 were processed.

    I485 Receipt I485 Pending I485-processed FB I-485 EB I-485
    Oct-07 237915 842231 50548 42500 8048
    Nov-07 51773 845691 48313 42500 5813
    Dec-07 35020 833141 47570 42500 5070
    Jan-08 35771 813238 55674 42500 13174
    Feb-08 38210 787516 63932 42500 21432
    Mar-08 43548 762938 68126 42500 25626
    Apr-08 50951 742597 71292 42500 28792
    May-08 45357 739934 48020 42500 5520

    * Data from USCIS months processing report
    ** Oct 07 Receipt number changed from 137915 to 237915 (just looked incorrect)
    ** FB is flat (730k-220k CP / 12 months)

    We have 113475 EB I-485 processed until May 08 (in 8 months), if we take 80% acceptance rate the number of visa used will be 90780 and if we use 90% acceptance rate USCIS may have used 102127 visas.

    12-13 03:36 PM
    I am planning to forget GC and move on with new company.

    For new company to file EB2 based on BS + 6 years experience. What kind of experience letter we will need from old company.

    AS you know desi companies dont give experience letters, how do people manage to show old experiences and file for EB2 in new company ?

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