Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chat with Strangers to Improve Your English

Omegle is a famous service that you might have known for random text chats with strangers, recently it has introduced web cam chat with strangers. You can have video chat with random strangers. No age limit or registration is required. Webcam is needed and you can also save your conversation log to your pc or share it on Facebook.

OmegleWorld was created for you to talk to strangers in your own country. Simply select an Omegle site designed for your country.

Lollichat is an awesome website for making new friends around the world. Just enable your webcam and enter into the website. Click New Start, it automatically connects with people randomly.

Camfrog is a free live webcam software for windows and mac osx which allows video sharing in chat rooms. It has number of users with hundreds of communities all over the network. It has crossed more than 30 million downloads and millions of registered users


Chatroulette is a web application which uses peer-to-peer connection. It was created by a russian school boy. Every new conversation is started by clicking the New game button. Webcam is compulsory and you can report inappropriate videos and users.


This service is from the famous network tinychat. It is also similar like chatroulette, which allows webcam chat with random strangers. You need to install flash for seeing the User Interface. Webcam is must and registration is via your Facebook account. You should connect through your facebook account.

6rounds is not only a place for video chat, but it also allows people to listen to music, play games and watch YouTube videos. The random strangers are displayed as 3D bubbles with their profile. Just select the person from that and have a random chat. You must be 18+ to use this website. registration required.

Anybodythere is an amazing site which selects random people according to your taste. Just ask a question or share your thoughts, you will be shown with people of same kind of interests. Awesome isn’t it ?

It’s really an excellent website for video, audio, and live chat randomly via the stumble factor. Each user may stumble onto as many other users as they want.

Shufflepeople is similar to chatroulette website, It also has a header like ” Chat Roulette style webcam chat “.

Randomdorm is specially designed for college students. It needs registration and while registering it accepts only email ids which has .edu email id provided by your University or college. It has Facebook integration, but again your facebook account should be registered with your university email id. Webcam is only optional. It allows text, voice and video chat.






Roulette Chat







Note : If you’re not above 18, please do not enter the above websites. Because sometimes it shows adult content. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Anime - Hunter X Hunter ( TV Series + OVA )


TV Series:
Download: (indowebster, credit by: oswin)
  1. Hunter X Hunter 01.avi
  2. Hunter X Hunter 02.avi
  3. Hunter X Hunter 03.avi
  4. Hunter X Hunter 04.avi
  5. Hunter X Hunter 05.avi
  6. Hunter X Hunter 06.avi
  7. Hunter X Hunter 07.avi
  8. Hunter X Hunter 08.avi
  9. Hunter X Hunter 09.avi
  10. Hunter X Hunter 10.avi
  11. Hunter X Hunter 11.avi
  12. Hunter X Hunter 12.avi
  13. Hunter X Hunter 13.avi
  14. Hunter X Hunter 14.avi
  15. Hunter X Hunter 15.avi
  16. Hunter X Hunter 16.avi
  17. Hunter X Hunter 17.avi
  18. Hunter X Hunter 18.avi
  19. Hunter X Hunter 19.avi
  20. Hunter X Hunter 20.avi
  21. Hunter X Hunter 21.avi
  22. Hunter X Hunter 22.avi
  23. Hunter X Hunter 23.avi
  24. Hunter X Hunter 24.avi
  25. Hunter X Hunter 25.avi
  26. Hunter X Hunter 26.avi
  27. Hunter X Hunter 27.avi
  28. Hunter X Hunter 28.avi
  29. Hunter X Hunter 29.avi
  30. Hunter X Hunter 30.avi
  31. Hunter X Hunter 31.avi
  32. Hunter X Hunter 32.avi
  33. Hunter X Hunter 33.avi
  34. Hunter X Hunter 34.avi
  35. Hunter X Hunter 35.avi
  36. Hunter X Hunter 36.avi
  37. Hunter X Hunter 37.avi
  38. Hunter X Hunter 38.avi
  39. Hunter X Hunter 39.avi
  40. Hunter X Hunter 40.avi
  41. Hunter X Hunter 41.avi
  42. Hunter X Hunter 42.avi
  43. Hunter X Hunter 43.avi
  44. Hunter X Hunter 44.avi
  45. Hunter X Hunter 45.avi
  46. Hunter X Hunter 46.avi
  47. Hunter X Hunter 47.avi
  48. Hunter X Hunter 48.avi
  49. Hunter X Hunter 49.avi
  50. Hunter X Hunter 50.avi
  51. Hunter X Hunter 51.avi
  52. Hunter X Hunter 52.avi
  53. Hunter X Hunter 53.avi
  54. Hunter X Hunter 54.avi
  55. Hunter X Hunter 55.avi
  56. Hunter X Hunter 56.avi
  57. Hunter X Hunter 57.avi
  58. Hunter X Hunter 58.avi
  59. Hunter X Hunter 59.avi
  60. Hunter X Hunter 60.avi
  61. Hunter X Hunter 61.avi
  62. Hunter X Hunter 62.avi

Hunter X Hunter OVA 1
Download : (indowebster, credit by: oswin)
Hunter X Hunter OVA 1.avi
Hunter X Hunter OVA 2.avi
Hunter X Hunter OVA 3.avi
Hunter X Hunter OVA 4.avi
Hunter X Hunter OVA 5.avi
Hunter X Hunter OVA 6.avi
Hunter X Hunter OVA 7.avi
Hunter X Hunter OVA 8.avi

Hunter X Hunter OVA 2 - Greed Island
Download : (indowebster, credit by: oswin)
Hunter X Hunter OVA 2 - 1.avi
Hunter X Hunter OVA 2 - 2.avi
Hunter X Hunter OVA 2 - 3.avi
Hunter X Hunter OVA 2 - 4.avi
Hunter X Hunter OVA 2 - 5.avi
Hunter X Hunter OVA 2 - 6.avi
Hunter X Hunter OVA 2 - 7.avi
Hunter X Hunter OVA 2 - 8.avi

Hunter X Hunter OVA 3 - Greed Island Final ( Mediafire )
Download : (mediafire, credit by: klmndn514)
HunterXHunter OVA 3 - 01~Download link:
HunterXHunter OVA 3 - 02~Download link:
HunterXHunter OVA 3 - 03~Download link:
HunterXHunter OVA 3 - 04~Download link:
HunterXHunter OVA 3 - 05~Download link:
HunterXHunter OVA 3 - 06~Download link:
HunterXHunter OVA 3 - 07~Download link:
HunterXHunter OVA 3 - 08~Download link:
HunterXHunter OVA 3 - 09~Download link:
HunterXHunter OVA 3 - 10~Download link:
HunterXHunter OVA 3 - 11~Download link:
HunterXHunter OVA 3 - 12~Download link:
HunterXHunter OVA 3 - 13~Download link:
HunterXHunter OVA 3 - 14~Download link: 

Hunter X Hunter OVA 3 - Greed Island Final ( Indowebster )
Download : (indowebster, credit by: oswin)
Hunter X Hunter (OVA 3) G I Final - 01.avi
Hunter X Hunter (OVA 3) G I Final - 02.avi
Hunter X Hunter (OVA 3) G I Final - 03.avi
Hunter X Hunter (OVA 3) G I Final - 04.avi
Hunter X Hunter (OVA 3) G I Final - 05.avi
Hunter X Hunter (OVA 3) G I Final - 06.avi
Hunter X Hunter (OVA 3) G I Final - 07.avi
Hunter X Hunter (OVA 3) G I Final - 08.avi
Hunter X Hunter (OVA 3) G I Final - 09.avi
Hunter X Hunter (OVA 3) G I Final - 10.avi
Hunter X Hunter (OVA 3) G I Final - 11.avi
Hunter X Hunter (OVA 3) G I Final - 12.avi
Hunter X Hunter (OVA 3) G I Final - 13.avi
Hunter X Hunter (OVA 3) G I Final - 14.avi

    Anime - Cooking Master Boy ( TV Series )


    TV Series:
    Download: (credit by: dark4eve)
    1. Cooking Master Boy - 01
    2. Cooking Master Boy - 02
    3. Cooking Master Boy - 03
    4. Cooking Master Boy - 04
    5. Cooking Master Boy - 05
    6. Cooking Master Boy - 06
    7. Cooking Master Boy - 07
    8. Cooking Master Boy - 08
    9. Cooking Master Boy - 09
    10. Cooking Master Boy - 10
    11. Cooking Master Boy - 11
    12. Cooking Master Boy - 12
    13. Cooking Master Boy - 13
    14. Cooking Master Boy - 14
    15. Cooking Master Boy - 15
    16. Cooking Master Boy - 16
    17. Cooking Master Boy - 17
    18. Cooking Master Boy - 18
    19. Cooking Master Boy - 19
    20. Cooking Master Boy - 20
    21. Cooking Master Boy - 21
    22. Cooking Master Boy - 22
    23. Cooking Master Boy - 23
    24. Cooking Master Boy - 24
    25. Cooking Master Boy - 25
    26. Cooking Master Boy - 26
    27. Cooking Master Boy - 27
    28. Cooking Master Boy - 28
    29. Cooking Master Boy - 29
    30. Cooking Master Boy - 30
    31. Cooking Master Boy - 31
    32. Cooking Master Boy - 32
    33. Cooking Master Boy - 33
    34. Cooking Master Boy - 34
    35. Cooking Master Boy - 35
    36. Cooking Master Boy - 36
    37. Cooking Master Boy - 37
    38. Cooking Master Boy - 38
    39. Cooking Master Boy - 39
    40. Cooking Master Boy - 40
    41. Cooking Master Boy - 41
    42. Cooking Master Boy - 42
    43. Cooking Master Boy - 43
    44. Cooking Master Boy - 44
    45. Cooking Master Boy - 45
    46. Cooking Master Boy - 46
    47. Cooking Master Boy - 47
    48. Cooking Master Boy - 48
    49. Cooking Master Boy - 49
    50. Cooking Master Boy - 50
    51. Cooking Master Boy - 51
    52. Cooking Master Boy - 52

    Wednesday, July 27, 2011

    Anime - Flame of Recca ( TV Series + OVA )


    TV Series:

    Original Video Animation (OVA):

    Anime - Samurai X ( TV Series + Movie + OVA )


    TV Series:
    Download : (credit by: minitheatremt)
    Movie :
    Download : Samurai X: The Motion Picture (credit by: shinkan)

    Original Video Animation (OVA) :
    - Trust and Betrayal (credit by: pixieboy)
    Download :
    - Reflection (credit by: pixieboy)
    Download :
    Manga Samurai X: (credit by: rawerontek)

    Monday, July 25, 2011

    PSX - Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule Breed and Battle

    Jika Anda belum punya emulator PS1 klik disini untuk download dan tutorial konfigurasinya.

    Apa itu Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule Breed and Battle?
    Klik disini untuk mengetahuinya.

    Download (mediafire link):
    1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule Breed and Battle

    Sunday, July 24, 2011

    RPG (action) - Outlaw City: Dark Past


    Outlaw City: Dark Past

    Outlaw City: Dark Past centers on the earlier adventures and history of one of Outlaw City's main characters. A game created from scratch within 2 weeks, OCDP is more of a mini-episode, lasting only 1 full hour of playtime but featuring a custom battle system and other features.


    Saturday, July 23, 2011

    RPG (action) - Battle City RM2k Gold



    It is a remake of Battle City for NES, though it might resemble Bomberman or Counter-Strike. Objectives are simple, just kill all 20 enemies in each stage ant protect the treasure chest.


    v1.1 Gold Edition

    * 41 new maps (50 in total)
    * No more offensive material
    * Improved scoring system CONTROLS

    1 Player:
    Up - Up Arrow
    Right - Right Arrow
    Down - Down Arrow
    Left - Left Arrow
    Shoot - Enter

    2 Player:
    Up - W
    Right - D
    Down - S
    Left - A
    Shoot - Q


    Weapon - Upgrades weapon
    Medkit - +1 Life
    Stones - Turn brick wall into solid for 10 secs
    Kevlar Vest - Gives immortality for 10 secs
    Bottle - Makes enemies inactive for 10 secs


    * No RTP or other software required
    * After choosing playing mode press arrow keys to select a stage


    The game is packed in one exe file so you cannot open it with RPG Maker. Some of you might say that it's stupid to protect a game made with illegal maker but not so long ago the older version of this game was plagiarized. Some guy from Brazil just added a new menu and some new graphics and distributed the game as his own. Sure, he asked my permission, but seeing how small were the changes I refused.

    Some antiviruses report exe files made with Molebox (my game as well) as malware. So don't be scared at first. 


    Friday, July 22, 2011

    PSX - Yu gi oh! Forbidden Memories

    Jika Anda belum punya emulator PS1 klik disini untuk download dan tutorial konfigurasinya.

    Apa itu Yu gi oh! Forbidden Memories?
    Klik disini untuk mengetahuinya.

    Download (mediafire link):
    1. part1
    2. part2

    Enable Code
    Enable Code (Must Be On-Version 1)
    D0168188 023A
    8016818A 1000

    Enable Code (Must Be On-Version 2)
    D0168100 000A
    80168102 1000

    No LP P2
    No LP P2
    800EA024 0000

    Infinite LP P2
    Infinite LP P2
    800EA004 270F

    No LP P1
    No LP P1
    800EA004 0000

    Infinite LP P1
    Infinite LP P1
    800EA004 270F

    Have All Cards!
    Have All Cards (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)

    5000FF02 0000
    801D0250 C8C8
    50006A02 0000
    80105F96 C8C8

    Thursday, July 21, 2011

    PSX - Jackie Chan Stuntmaster

    Jika Anda belum punya emulator PS1 klik disini untuk download dan tutorial konfigurasinya.

    Apa itu Jackie Chan Stuntmaster?
    Klik disini untuk mengetahuinya.

    Download (mediafire link):
    1. part1
    2. part2
    3. part3
    4. part4
    Gabungkan file tersebut dengan HJ-Split 3.0.
    Klik disini untuk mengetahui cara menggabungkannya.

    Download (mediafire link):

    PSX - GTA 2 ( Grand Theft Auto 2 )

    Jika Anda belum punya emulator PS1 klik disini untuk download dan tutorial konfigurasinya.

    Apa itu Grand Theft Auto?
    Klik disini untuk mengetahuinya.

    Download (mediafire link):
    1. part1
    2. part2
    3. part3
    4. part4
    Gabungkan file tersebut dengan HJ-Split 3.0.
    Klik disini untuk mengetahui cara menggabungkannya.

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    PSX - Grand Theft Auto London 1969

    Jika Anda belum punya emulator PS1 klik disini untuk download dan tutorial konfigurasinya.

    Apa itu Grand Theft Auto?
    Klik disini untuk mengetahuinya.

    Download (mediafire link):
    1. part1
    2. part2
    3. part3
    4. part4
    Gabungkan file tersebut dengan HJ-Split 3.0.
    Klik disini untuk mengetahui cara menggabungkannya.

    Sunday, July 17, 2011

    PSX - GTA ( Grand Theft Auto )

    Jika Anda belum punya emulator PS1 klik disini untuk download dan tutorial konfigurasinya.

    Apa itu Grand Theft Auto?
    Klik disini untuk mengetahuinya.

    Download (mediafire link):
    1. part1
    2. part2
    3. part3
    4. part4
    5. part5
    Gabungkan file tersebut dengan HJ-Split 3.0.
    Klik disini untuk mengetahui cara menggabungkannya.

    Saturday, July 16, 2011

    RPG (action) - Death Proclaimed II


    A young man named Cory lives with his aunt in a deep part of the woods near the city Winterveer. Cory has absolutely no recollection of his days before he was eight years old, but for the years after, he has lived peacefully with his aunt with no troubles.
    One night, his aunt goes to Winterveer and does not return home for at least two weeks. Cory, not used to being alone for such an amount of time, takes it upon himself to venture out to the city and find her himself. It quickly becomes evident, however, that this trek is not going to be as easy as he thought. His simple journey to Winterveer will reveal itself to be the path of a horrible darkness, and one that seems to have a purpose in helping Cory remember his past.


    Friday, July 15, 2011

    RPG (action) - Jays Journey


    Jay From Pecot must take down a dictator who just might conquer earth the dictator has already captured the queen. Only Jay and his best friend Carol and the friends they meet can stop him who is this dictator? YOUR JUST GOING TO HAVE TO PLAY!

    -1.8 MB
    -Long enough game play
    -fun mini games
    - boss battles
    -good story
    -tons of fun
    Have fun!

    Tell me how you like it! -the real original game download is on another website but I downloaded it and put it on this website I forgot you could use web address! At least I have good taste!


    Thursday, July 14, 2011

    C Programming - Program Mencari Nilai Max dan Min dari Tiga Bilangan

    #include <stdio.h>

    int main()
        int a, b, c, min, max;
        printf("beri nilai a : ");
        scanf("%d", &a);
        printf("beri nilai b : ");
        scanf("%d", &b);

        printf("beri nilai c : ");
        scanf("%d", &c);

        min = (min=(a < b) ? a : b) < c ? min : c;
        max = (max=(a > b) ? a : b) > c ? max : c;

        printf("bilangan minimum : %d\n", min);
        printf("bilangan maximum : %d\n", max);

        return 0;

    C Programming - Program Membuat Kalkulator Sederhana

    #include <stdio.h>

    int main()
        char op;
        int bil1, bil2;
        printf("Tuliskan bilangan, operator, bilangan :");
        scanf("%d %c %d", &bil1, &op, &bil2);

            case '+': printf("= %d", bil1 + bil2); break;
            case '-': printf("= %d", bil1 - bil2); break;
            case '*': printf("= %d", bil1 * bil2); break;
            case '/': printf("= %d", bil1 / bil2); break;
            default : printf("operator tidak dikenal!");

        return 0;

    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    C Programming - Program Mencari Nama Hari

    #include <stdio.h>

    int main()
        int kode;
        printf("Menetukan hari.\n");
        printf("input kode [1 - 7]: ");
        scanf("%d", &kode);
        switch (kode)
            case 1:puts("hari minggu"); break;
            case 2:puts("hari senin"); break;
            case 3:puts("hari selasa"); break;
            case 4:puts("hari rabu"); break;
            case 5:puts("hari kamis"); break;
            case 6:puts("hari jumat"); break;
            case 7:puts("hari sabtu"); break;
            default:puts("kode salah");

        return 0;

    C Programming - Program Menganalisa Sirkuit Sederhana

    #include <stdio.h>

    typedef double resistance;

    int main()
        resistance R1, R2, R3;
        double TotalR, Voltase, Arus;
        /* Minta tiga resistan dan voltase */
        printf("berikan tiga resistan (ohm) :");
        scanf("%lf %lf %lf", &R1, &R2, &R3);
        printf("voltase yang digunakan (volt) :");
        scanf("%lf", &Voltase);

        /* Hitung total resistan dan arus */
        TotalR = 1.0 / (1.0 / R1 + 1.0 / R2 + 1.0 / R3);
        Arus = Voltase / TotalR;

        /* Tampilkan Arus */
        printf("Arusnya = %.2lf amps.\n", Arus);

        return 0;

    Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    C Programming - Program Menghitung Jumlah Deret Aritmatika

    #include <stdio.h>

    int main()
        float a, b, sn;
        int n, i;
        printf("berikan suku pertama : ");
        scanf("%f", &a);
        printf("berikan beda :");
        scanf("%f", &b);
        printf("jumlah deret sampai suku keberapa ?");
        scanf("%d", &n);

        sn = (n/2)*(2*a+((n-1)*b));

        printf("\njumlah deret hingga %d suku = %.2f\n", n, sn);
        return 0;

    C Programming - Program Mencari Regangan Jembatan

    #include <stdio.h>

    int main()
        float L,l,d;
        printf ("Mencari regangan jembatan. \n");

        printf("Input panjang rentangan: ");
        scanf("%f", &l);
        printf("Input lengkungan : ");
        scanf("%f", &d);


        printf("Panjang kabel=%.3f\n", L);
        return 0 ;

    Monday, July 11, 2011

    C Programming - Program Konversi Suhu Celcius ke Fahrenheit

    #include <stdio.h>

    int main()
        int c, f;

        printf("berikan nilai temperatur dalam celcius :");
        scanf("%d", &c);
        f = (9*c)/5 + 32;
        printf("%d derajat celcius = %d derajat Fahrenheit. \n", c, f);

        return 0;

    C Programming - Program Untuk Mencari Luas Persegi Panjang

    #include <stdio.h>

    int main()
        float Luas;
        int p, l;
        float persegi (int, int);

        printf("Menghitung luas persegi panjang.\n");
        printf("input nilai panjang dan lebar :");
        scanf("%d %d", &p, &l);
        Luas = persegi(p, l);
        printf("luas persegi panjang = %.2f\n", Luas);
        return 0;

    float persegi (int p,int l)
        float Luas;
        Luas = p * l;
        return Luas;

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    Sunday, July 10, 2011

    PSX - Rampage World Tour

    Jika Anda belum punya emulator PS1 klik disini untuk download dan tutorial konfigurasinya.

    Apa itu Rampage World Tour?
    Klik disini untuk mengetahuinya.

    Download (mediafire link):
    1. RWT

    Saturday, July 9, 2011

    RPG (action) - Under World 3


    Jeff, the main character, struggles through an endless war of good versus evil. He is the only one who can see the true dark side to his former leader, Dawn. It is kind of challenging to stand against such a dark power when nearly the whole world is on the wrong side, due to blind judgments made by a destructive leader. Not only will Jeff have to fight off an army of mislead, doomed souls, but he will have to stand up against some of the most carnivorous calamities known to man.
    It is a story of passion. Not only of love--but love of hate.

    The story begins at Jeff's small house with his current lover, Shannon. He just can't seem to get over his father's recent death, caused by Dawn's army, the Legions of Light. His guilt and shame he feels for not protecting his father when he needed it is overwhelming and draining. As an ex-soldier of the legion, he has decided to try to live a life without violence and hatred, but certain circumstances make that dream impossible.

    Learn more about Jeff's family and his past as you play through this epic story full of greed, betrayal, and pure evil.

    -more than 8 hours of gameplay
    -many button-bashing, intense battles
    -very large bosses to fight that take up nearly the whole screen
    -an extremely large, in-depth level up system with many features, including challenges to win extra experience points
    -ability to upgrade your character with whatever skills you want, melee or magic-based
    -a very entertaining martial arts system, enabling you to perform hit combos on enemies
    -more than 50 weapons
    -more than 40 unique spells
    -more than 30 shape changes
    -suits of armor
    -magical rings you can create using rare elements
    -telekinetic abilities
    -in-depth story sequences
    -3 towns full of friends to make, secrets to uncover, and side quests to complete
    -ability to open your own shops

    Bottom line:
    This game is neither boring nor repetitive. I did my very best to make every battle unique and I avoided cutting any corners around the plot and the battle system. This has been a full-on year project and I am very proud to present it to the world. I hope you enjoy!

    Please email the creator if you have ANY questions at all.
    his email : 


    RPG (action) - SkyE


    What is SkyE?

    SkyE is our newest entry for a contest, the one for the RPGM Miniature Project Contest.
    Play length: Around an hour per play-through.

    What is SkyE about?

    SkyE is a light sim-like game where you play the role of Celeste, a graduate Sky Knight who is taken on her final ranking assignment with her teacher, Knight Commander Svarus. You will be investigating the Rayth outbreak that has only begun at the newest Chromadus Academy for Raye Engineers and Directors. The game heavily centers around real-time shmup style side-scrolling combat.

    What's unique about SkyE?

    SkyE plays something like a sim, you'll be able to choose which locations to investigate at certain times of the day, uncovering the plot that haunts the new school. As you play you'll be thrown into a side-scrolling action system that mixes a brawler with a shooter to create a new unique style of gameplay. (Buzzword BINGO!)

    Once you finish the game you'll find yourself able to play it over again; it will take a few times through to uncover all the different secrets and see the real answers to what's going on.

    SkyE is developed entirely in RPG Maker VX from scratch starting from September 10th, completed on November 1st!

    The combat system features pixel-checking collision for bullets, so moving your character around and flying forward through a wave of bullets is actually pretty fun!



    Friday, July 8, 2011

    PSX - Digimon Rumble Arena

    Jika Anda belum punya emulator PS1 klik disini untuk download dan tutorial konfigurasinya.

    Apa itu Digimon Rumble Arena?
    Klik disini untuk mengetahuinya.

    Download (mediafire link):
    1. part1
    2. part2
    Gabungkan file tersebut dengan HJ-Split 3.0.
    Klik disini untuk mengetahui cara menggabungkannya.

    Digimon Rumble Arena Gamesharks Codes:

    • All characters unlocked:
      8005FEE0 FFFF
      8005FEE2 00FF
    Gunakan gameshark codes tersebut dengan menggunakan PEC (psx emulation cheater).
    klik disini untuk melihat cara menggunakannya di PSXfin
    klik disini untuk melihat cara menggunakannya di ePSXe

    PSX - Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

    Jika Anda belum punya emulator PS1 klik disini untuk download dan tutorial konfigurasinya.

    Apa itu Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back?
    Klik disini untuk mengetahuinya.

    Download (mediafire link):
    1. Crash Bandicoot 2

    Thursday, July 7, 2011

    RPG (action) - World Outside


    Anamei Productions, 2007

    What is World Outside?

    World Outside is an Action RPG created in under 2 and a half months for a contest.

    What is World Outside about?

    World Outside was the rough story of a young girl driven on a quest by an unknown desire, and a younger boy looking for meaning in the life he never questioned. World Outside has a heavy reliance on combat and action gaming and combat customization.
    Our first protagonist and the more mysterious of the two, the witch Nera starts her first quest as a privilege of her new status as a full member of her organization. There are doubts about the wisdom of her choice however...

    A young boy Nera meets during her adventure. Naive and honest to a fault it's possible his personality traits aren't entirely human.

    What's unique about WO?

    It's an action heavy RPG that uses the new CoRE Engine created to simulate accurate movement and control. It also features a custom animated menu system, particle-based graphics, advanced game options, and a combo-based system that lets you customize the dozens of skills to suit your play style easily!

    World Outside was created (like too many of my projects...) for a contest and was the first 'testing ground' of a new combat system that I plan to use for at least one or two more games and was the prototype for a new VX combat system based on a brawling system.

    There are a number of game options you can customize as well, from hiding numbers in combat to changing or disabling special battle music to difficulty ratings and lowering particle counts for lower-end machines. 


    RPG (action) - Under World 2

    You play as a character named Daron, a man who has to live with the scarring memory of losing the one he loved more than life, a man who never gives up no matter the risk, and a man who will stop at nothing to make a difference on everyone. Watch the hills burn, the cities fall, and the lives fade away as Daron travels the land in desperate search of answers and a second chance.

    ***If you need help in any area in the game or if you have a question you need answered quickly, email the creator at He check his email like 50 times per day***



    justin bieber wallpaper

    justin bieber wallpaper
     justin bieber one time wallpaper

    Wednesday, July 6, 2011

    RPG (action) - U.S.G. - A New Beginning


    Genre : Shooting RPG
    Players : 1 player
    Spec : 2.01 GHz, 512 MB of RAM
    STORY :
    You are Kyte, one of the pilots in the 'U.S.G' Project. You have been trained by 'The Center' to be prepared for the 'true battle' that lies ahead of you. Though nobody knows what this 'true battle' really is, all they can do is follow the training program and protect their base from the 'invaders'.
    Together with his assigned navigator , Len, they have to go through various missions in order to survive. However, the suspicious risen when not only the pilot who fail the mission disappeared, but also their personal navigators as well. Will he succeed in all the missions and survive long enough to find out the truth? And just what is this "U.S.G" project he seems to be into?

    - Unique "Strength & Weakness" battle system in shmup game.
    - Leveling up your character and develop your character to fit your playstyle.
    - Not good at shooting game? Don't worry! Set the difficulty to fit your skill anytime during the game!

    Strengths and Weaknesses
    There are five elements of attack in the game, which are : Non-elemental, Fire, Ice, Electric and Wind. Each enemy has their strengths and weaknesses that will cause them to react differently to these five elements. For example, enemies who are strong against fire will take less damage from fire attack. But if they are weak against ice, they'll take at least double damage from ice attack.
    However, you can only pick two choices of weapons into the mission. So it's a nice idea to save before you enter any mission.

    Knock Down
    The bonus of exploiting an enemy's weakness does not only do more damage, but also there's a chance that the attack will knock them down. When an enemy is down, the enemy will be vulnerable and do nothing for a short period of time, leaving you more time to retaliate, or help decreases number of bullets on the screen.

    Rave and D.R.D
    Everytime you attack or kill an enemy, you'll recieve some rave point which you can see the progress in the rave guage. Once the guage is full, you'll get one R-stock for spending to use DRD.
    DRD is a defensive device that you can select one and only one before entering the mission. This range from a sheild, protecting you from bullets for a short period of time, to a shockwave that will wipe out all bullets in the screen.
    Knock down an enemy will also give you rave point bonus.

    High Risk High Gain
    Once you killed an enemy, all the bullets it shoot that are still on the screen will become your bonus exp. Thus, one strategy to level up quickly and go for highscore is to have most bullets possible on the screen before killing off any enemy.
    Also, if your ship overlap with enemies or bullets, but doesn't hit your hitbox, you'll get extra score and exp also. The longer you can stay in that position, the more score and exp.

    Scenario & Game Design - Hima
    Artworks - Piti
    Music - Brandon Abley, with contributions by Kit, Van, and Laura Shigihara

    Thanks To
    - CyberSam for Input Script
    - DerVVulfMan for Encrypt/Decrypt Text Script
    - Trebor777 for Read TXT file Script
    - Mr.Mo for Mouse Script
    - Arevulopapo for Particle Engine



    English Tutorial Program - To Infinitive

    Belajar bahasa inggris dengan program? Kenapa tidak?
    Kali ini Batercus lagi belajar to infinitive, ini dia videonya:

    link ke youtube disini
    download programnya disini
    download quiznya disini

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