Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anime - Card Captor Sakura ( Complete )

One day, Kinomoto Sakura, a 4th grader stumbles upon the mysterious book of Clow. Upon opening it and reading the name of The Windy aloud, Sakura scatters the cards to the winds. Sakura is elected and appointed by Keroberos, Guardian of the Cards to capture the remaining cards. With her friend Tomoyo and rival Shaoran, Sakura begins an adventure that will forever change her.


OST Download:
Complete Best (thanks to: t0k1n0)
Opening (thanks to: musicstudio)

TV Series
Episode 01 Sakura and The Mysterious Magic Book
Episode 02 Sakura`s Wonderful Friend
Episode 03 Sakura`s Heart Racing First Date
Episode 04 Sakura`s Tiring Sunday
Episode 05 Sakura, Panda, and a Cute Shop
Episode 06 Sakura and Memories of her Mother
Episode 07 Sakura`s First Attempt as a Thief
Episode 08 Sakura`s Rival Appears!
Episode 09 Sakura and the Mysterious Brooch
Episode 10 Sakura and the Sport`s Day of Flowers
Episode 11 Sakura, Tomoyo, and a Mansion
Episode 12 Sakura`s Never-ending Day
Episode 13 Sakura and the Elephant`s Test of Strength
Episode 14 Sakura, Touya, and Cinderella
Episode 15 Sakura and Kero`s Big Fight
Episode 16 Sakura and the Rainbow of Memories
Episode 17 Sakura`s Scary Test of Courage
Episode 18 Sakura, Yukito, and the Summer Festival
Episode 19 Sakura and the Summer Holiday Homework
Episode 20 Transfer Student vs. Sakura
Episode 21 Sakura`s Long Marathon Race
Episode 22 Sakura and Her Kind Father
Episode 23 Sakura, Tomoyo, and a Wonderful Song
Episode 24 Sakura`s Little Adventure
Episode 25 Two Sakuras
Episode 26 Sakura and the Wonderful Teacher
Episode 27 Sakura and the Shrine of Memories
Episode 28 Sakura and the Enchanted Cards
Episode 29 Sakura`s Sweet Cooking
Episode 30 Sakura and the Injured Card
Episode 31 Sakura and the Nameless Book
Episode 32 Sakura, Kero, and Shaoran
Episode 33 Sakura`s Cold Ice-skating
Episode 34 Sakura, Yukito, and Midday Moon
Episode 35 Sakura`s Wonderful Christmas
Episode 36 Sakura and the Snowy New School Term
Episode 37 Sakura and Tomoyo`s Lost Voice
Episode 38 Sakura`s Fun Strawberry Picking Adventure
Episode 39 Sakura`s Dizzy Fever Day
Episode 40 Sakura and the Sakura in the Dream
Episode 41 Sakura, Li, and the Sea of Sand
Episode 42 Sakura and the Blacked Out School Arts Festival
Episode 43 Sakura and Farewell Meiling
Episode 44 Sakura, Kero, and the Mysterious Teacher
Episode 45 Sakura and the Final Clow Card
Episode 46 Sakura and the Final Judgement
Episode 47 Sakura and the Mysterious Transfer Student
Episode 48 Sakura and the Awakened Star Key
Episode 49 Sakura and the Dangerous Piano
Episode 50 Sakura, Shaoran, and the Invisible Threads
Episode 51 Sakura and the Big Teddy Bear
Episode 52 Sakura`s Sheep Warning?!
Episode 53 Sakura and the Panicky Bike
Episode 54 Sakura and the Calendar of Memories
Episode 55 Sakura and Sakura from Wonderland
Episode 56 Sakura, Kero, and a Candy Encounter??
Episode 57 Sakura, Shaoran, and the Elevator
Episode 58 Sakura and Double Trouble
Episode 59 Sakura, Tomoyo, and the Ball Trap
Episode 60 Sakura and a Precious Friend
Episode 61 Sakura, the Card, and the Presents
Episode 62 Sakura and the Strange Written Fortune
Episode 63 Sakura, the Pool and the Huge Wave
Episode 64 Sakura and the Snowy Ski Class
Episode 65 Sakura, Yukiand the Vanishing Power
Episode 66 The Person Sakura Likes Most
Episode 67 Sakura, Shaoran and the Tsukimine Shrine
Episode 68 Sakura, the Past, and Clow Reed
Episode 69 Sakura and the Clow Reed who showed himself
Episode 70 Sakura and Her True Feeling

Movie 1


Movie 2: The Sealed Card
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 (thanks to: alfariz)

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