Saturday, July 23, 2011

RPG (action) - Battle City RM2k Gold



It is a remake of Battle City for NES, though it might resemble Bomberman or Counter-Strike. Objectives are simple, just kill all 20 enemies in each stage ant protect the treasure chest.


v1.1 Gold Edition

* 41 new maps (50 in total)
* No more offensive material
* Improved scoring system CONTROLS

1 Player:
Up - Up Arrow
Right - Right Arrow
Down - Down Arrow
Left - Left Arrow
Shoot - Enter

2 Player:
Up - W
Right - D
Down - S
Left - A
Shoot - Q


Weapon - Upgrades weapon
Medkit - +1 Life
Stones - Turn brick wall into solid for 10 secs
Kevlar Vest - Gives immortality for 10 secs
Bottle - Makes enemies inactive for 10 secs


* No RTP or other software required
* After choosing playing mode press arrow keys to select a stage


The game is packed in one exe file so you cannot open it with RPG Maker. Some of you might say that it's stupid to protect a game made with illegal maker but not so long ago the older version of this game was plagiarized. Some guy from Brazil just added a new menu and some new graphics and distributed the game as his own. Sure, he asked my permission, but seeing how small were the changes I refused.

Some antiviruses report exe files made with Molebox (my game as well) as malware. So don't be scared at first. 


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